Talan Products 2019 Intro video

July 22nd, 2019

Before the sun rises every day steel and aluminum are being delivered to Talan Products.  Over 8 million pounds of aluminum and 13 million pounds of steel were delivered last year from approved suppliers.  Every pound certified to exacting standards, if it isn’t certified, it doesn’t come in the door.

Every step of our manufacturing process is measured and documented, ensuring parts that make the grade, that they meet every spec.  Whether it’s 300 million pieces a year, or several thousand at a time, our customers demand that our parts perform to a standard, so we make sure they measure up in here, so that they perform out there, where it matters most, and that’s what we deliver, every day.

We supply complete parts.  Heat treatment, plating, painting, welding, kitting into boxes for the end user, assembly, we excel at value added.  For over 32 years our customers have looked to us for high quality metal stampings and fabricated aluminum extrusions that meet or exceed the demands of their customers day in and day out.

Able to not miss a beat on high volumes, help shorten supply chains, and being flexible to meet the evolving needs of our customers is what has kept Talan Products as a high growth company for decades.  We meet our all of our customers critical demands and on time delivery needs.

Talan Products is a leader in the metal stamping industry.  We participate and analyze industry benchmarking to maintain the world class performance our customers expect and receive.

We are also on the pulse of the metals market, helping our customers make the most educated decisions as material prices fluctuate.  We subscribe to data that helps minimize our customers material spend while maintaining confident supply.

Our highly skilled staff of technicians, craftsman, and engineers, work together to continuously improve our processes.  Part of our secret sauce is using our substantial manufacturing experience to offer design for manufacturability reviews to our partners.  The earlier we are involved in the design stage the more money we can save for our customers.

Our high speed aluminum extrusion fabrication has evolved to us beating the price of off shore competitors, and has for decades.

Our equipment at the heart of our operation is expertly maintained on an aggressive schedule, and we have redundancy for every asset.  This means we are always ready to go, to deliver parts, not excuses.

Our fully staffed toolroom employs expert craftsman with decades of experience.

We are at the top of our industry in training investment in both hours and dollars.  This makes sure that we are always bringing fresh ideas and the newest technology into our plant.

Our QA department is equipped, staffed, audited, and continuously trained to meet world class expectations.

We partner with our customers, our vendors, and out team members.  We always have.

Our market is continually evolving, the world is full of change, Talan Products offers peace of mind to our customers that their parts are going to be on time, ready to perform, and at the best value.

If you need high volume metal stampings and fabricated aluminum extrusions and want the confidence that they will be on time, to your specs, and at a competitive price, then you want the best value for your sourcing dollars and that is exactly what we deliver at Talan Products every day.

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