Why Talan Products?


Talan Can Improve Your Bottom Line as a Low-Cost, High-Volume, Quality Conscious Supplier

Why low-cost sourcing is a common strategy among CEOs:

  • CEOs recognize that by reducing costs, you optimize profit margins.
  • Procurement savings can influence bottom-line results and improve competitiveness.
  • C-suites prefer purchasing American-made components/products when low-cost, high-quality deliverables are comparable to goods sourced outside of the US.
  • Competing globally means sourcing abroad, but this strategy poses its own set of challenges such as: long lead times, high transportation costs, complex supply chain management, cultural and political differences, language barriers, foreign exchange/customs issues, inferior and unreliable quality, business ethics concerns, etc.

Why Talan Products?

  • Talan is an engaged partner committed to exceeding your expectations.   It’s not just about low cost; it’s about value.  It’s not just about inputs; it’s about outcomes.  It’s not just about providing products; it’s about providing solutions.
  • Although Talan’s brand identity of being a low cost provider continually attracts new business, it’s the rest of Talan’s total package that seals the deal and launches long-lasting relationships.
  • Talan delivers: reliable, high quality (low PPM), high volume components/products, customized and flexible services, on-time, on-budget, commodity metal management, talent know how, engineering assistance for manufacturability, ISO 9001:2015 certification and Lean Practices adherence.

Now that you know “the why”, it’s your turn to tell us what type of project or program you have in mind.  Click here if requesting a quote or click here to collaborate on a specific project or program.

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