Frequently Asked Questions

Are you ISO 9000 registered?
Yes, we are registered with MCNA of North America to International Quality System Standard ISO 9001:2015, certificate No. 0901007.

Do you provide assembly service?
Yes, we provide mechanical assembly, welding services, finishing, packaging, etc.

Who are the owners of the company?
Steve Peplin, CEO; Pete Accorti, President.

How long have you been in business?
We were established in 1986.

Have you developed long term relationships within your customer base?
We still have our first customer from 1986, and our 2nd and our 3rd and our 4th…

Can you inspect complex formed parts and certify tooling?
Yes, we have a Zeiss CMM, 24″ x 48″ x 14″ utilizing calypso software. 

What are the largest parts you make?
We specialize in fabricating aluminum extrusions, many of which are over 10 ft long. In addition, we are capable of producing various sizes and shapes of stamped products. Our largest press bed size is 168″ x 54.” The thickest coil size we handle is .500″; maximum coil width is 36″.

What is the thinnest material you work with?
Typically, .010.” Depending on the material and the nature of the part design, there may be instances where we would work with thinner material.

What types of metals do you work with?
We can extrude aluminum within the 6000 series and stamp components out of aluminum, the carbon & stainless steels, and all of the red metals (bronze, copper, etc.)

Are you able to produce small quantities of metal stampings or extruded aluminum?
It depends on what you mean by “small.” We specialize in mid to high volume production runs. For metal stampings, this normally means usages in the tens of thousands to millions of parts per year. For aluminum extrusions, this normally means that we are better suited for jobs that equate to thousands of pounds of product and higher per year. When in doubt, please inquire with our sales group – see the “Contact Us” page on our website.

Do you make/design your own tooling?
Yes, we have a complete tool room. We design and build our own tooling as well as utilize well-established outside tooling sources.

Do you make prototypes and help with design engineering?
Yes, we offer value engineering services & design for manufacturability assistance. Prototyping is also available.

How many employees do you have?
This varies between 60 and 90 employees. Our sales per employee are about 3x the industry average. More importantly, our value added per employee runs 150% of the industry average.

How big is your facility?
160,000 SQF of production and warehousing space and 10,000 SQF of office space with double the room available for expansion.

Do you make parts for the automotive industry?
Yes, but we are not primarily automotive.

What is an example of your “progressive” management style?
We employ “open book” accounting with our employees. This helps us provide the atmosphere where we are all on the same team.

Do you operate a “Green Company”?
We continuously strive to be as “Green” of a company as possible. We attempt to capture ALL in-process offal (scrap) and recycle nearly 100% of our daily in-plant & office consumables – including paper, cardboard, plastic, metal, etc. We employ a Green Team (championed by the president of Talan) to help keep us abreast of the most relevant green initiatives and to utilize energy as efficiently as possible within the plant and office space to reduce Talan’s effective carbon footprint.

I want to work for Talan products. Are you hiring?
Visit the employment opportunities section of our website to see what is currently available.

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