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Value-added Aluminum Extrusions

Face it; aluminum extrusions are a raw material. Your company makes products that are made from aluminum. Extrusion is how the initial shape is produced.

But to get a finished product that YOU sell, the extruded aluminum need to be sawed, pierced, deburred, folded or perhaps go through a half-dozen other processes.

High Speed – High Volume

We are the high-speed extrusion modification experts. Use our capabilities to take your aluminum extrusion all the way to finished part in a production environment geared to producing individual pieces by the millions.

Some of our customers need us to provide high volume but simple cutting, notching, and fabricating of their aluminum extrusions. Other companies we work for have high volume needs for finished aluminum products that require extrusions to go through sophisticated CNC programming for complex machining to precision tolerances.

Aluminum Extrusions Machined to ISO Standards

At Talan, our ISO 9001:2015 certified facilities are set up to produce your finished parts that are made from aluminum extrusions. Every operation begins and ends with quality.

From the start, we can help you select the best value extrusion. Aluminum grade and length selection are key decisions that can help reduce costs for your application. The right choices provide you with fastest modification turn-around times. We can modify the raw material in this case, an aluminum extrusion, by using any of a number of processes.

Talan Is Uniquely Set Up to Modify Your Aluminum Extrusions

You can count on our experience supplying and modifying aluminum extrusions to provide you with cost-lowering fabrication of high volume finished parts. You can rely on our expertise to stamp, saw cut, pierce, notch, fold and drill your aluminum extrusions.

You can get start to finish capabilities to produce your finished piece. Have a special modification requirement? Send us your RFQ. We’ll get right back to you!

To learn more about aluminum exstrusion supply and fabrication capabilities, or to discuss your project with an applications engineer, contact Talan Products today!

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