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July 24th, 2019

When you deliver on your customer’s needs you get to deliver again, and again, and again.

Talan Products has been smashing out parts for 33 years and here is what Talan has, it’s first 4 customers.

Yep, the first 4 customers that Steve Peplin started signing up in 1986 to do business with Talan Products remain customer’s of Talan Products today.

We have grown with those customers.  We began our relationship with one of the world’s largest building products companies in 1988 when they were a $100mill company and we were a $1mill company. They are now a $2 bill division and we are at $50mill.  We have literally grown up together.

How is that possible?  It takes delivering on trust. Those customers trust that they are going to get their parts delivered on time, when they say they need them.  Those customers trust that they are going to pay a globally competitive market price.  Those customers trust that the parts they ship to their customers meet, or exceed, every specification.  If Talan Products didn’t perform on all of this at the highest level, those relationships would not have endured to today.

Additionally, staying on top of raw material markets, technological advancements and process improvements are imperative to being the world class supplier our customers expect.  These fundamentals have allowed us to continue to grow along with our core customers.

Overall we have a very low churn of customers.  We thrive on relationships.

How do you keep your first four customers from the founding of a business to closing in on 35 years?  You continue to be the best value for them, day, after day, after day.

Like Steve likes to say “We were partnering before partnering was cool.

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