Onshoring / Reshoring 2020


American manufacturers are finding out it makes sense to bring component parts manufacturing back to the U.S..

More and more companies are benefiting from shorter supply chains and the ability to collaborate with suppliers in real time, close time zones, not by an email that gets answered the next day.  Many forward-thinking companies were so busy doing reshoring that 2019 was a record year for it.

2019 was a record year for reshoring and 2020 is looking even stronger.

Onshoring Reshoring Graph2019 was a record year for reshoring and 2020 is looking even stronger. Click here to see the Kearney consultants 7th annual reshoring report derived from information from the United States International Trade Commission; U.S. Department of Commerce Bureau of Economic Analysis. https://www.kearney.com/operations-performance-transformation/us-reshoring-index

The Boston Consulting Group forecasts that in the next five years there shall be a manufacturing renaissance in the United States and that some U.S. states will become among the most cost-effective locations for manufacturing in the developed world. This renaissance is expected to bring significant core manufacturing back to the U.S..

How do U.S. companies compete with their offshore rivals?  Productivity, world class quality, and innovation are a big part of it.

Through benchmarking with our peers, we at Talan Products know that we are at the top of our industry in productivity.  We are specifically geared for high volume production.  As for quality performance at Talan Products, our external PPM (parts per million rejected) in 2019 was 14 while our industry average was over 220.  Adding our on-time delivery performance at 99.48% you can see how Talan Products is globally competitive.

We took one customer’s inventory turns from 3 to 22.  That’s real dollar savings for that customer.

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It doesn’t take many defects from a supplier half a world away to evaporate any potential cost savings. Containment, sorting, reworking, scrapping, and expediting replacements are all factors to be considered.  The sweetness of low price is quickly soured by poor quantity or missed deliveries.  Oversight is mere hours away with Talan Products, not days, and we love to have visitors.  Come and discover first-hand how we have grown in size to be in the top 10% of manufacturers in Ohio.

Being globally competitive isn’t just about low labor components, it is about being efficient and frugal.  Under the frugal category for example, we can purchase older punch press equipment and have it rebuilt to the most modern standards.  Mechanically we have them brought back to brand new tolerances and we then add state of the art controls and feeding systems.  On our 600-ton Minster we saved $1 million over the price buying a brand-new press and yet we have functionally exactly that.

Click here to read an article our being frugal and productive, a winning combination for our customers.  https://www.reuters.com/article/us-usa-manufacturing-investment-analysis-idUSKCN18E1DI

By being frugal, productive and efficient Talan Products has been successful in onshoring component parts here in the U.S..  When looking for an onshoring partner you need a high performing company that has experience in actually making it happen.  We have that experience and want to partner with you. Give our team a call today and let’s talk about your projects.

Let our team at Talan Products prove to you what the best value for your sourcing dollar is for high volume metal stampings and fabricated aluminum extrusions.

“Made in the USA” is increasingly trending positively with US consumers right now.  Rest assured, with Talan Products that means your component parts are indeed, Made in the USA.

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