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  • We Are Metal Stamping Experts

    Talan Products’ high-speed metal stamping environment is geared for high-volume production runs meeting ISO 9001-2015 quality standards. We use a combination of high-speed presses, progressive dies, 30+ years of experience and our robust "Design for Manufacturability" program to create the most cost effective solution for high volume manufacturing.
  • Aluminum Extrusions

    Aluminum extrusions are a raw material. Your company really needs a specialized multi-cell supplier that can provide you with JIT extrusions that have been prepped for your manufacturing environment - cut-to-length, pierced, deburred, or perhaps any of a half-dozen other processes. Talan does that every day!
  • Specialty Washers

    Specialty Washers
    Talan is ideally suited to manufacture high volume, specialty washers and load plates. Our short stroke, high-speed stamping presses manufacture millions of custom stamped special washers monthly with special features such as barbs, scoops, teeth, ribs, or special patterns.
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