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June 1st, 2011

Steve Peplin Discusses Talan’s Commitment to Relationship Building For IndustryWeek

In a recent IndustryWeek article, Julie Jusko discusses strategies for building mutually advantageous customer-supplier partnerships. According to Jusko, effective customer-supplier partnerships start with effective two way communication. Conventional wisdom often stresses suppliers listening to customer needs, but customers can learn from suppliers too. The result of this paradigm shift is often the discovery of cost saving ideas that benefit the customer. Jusko also points out that effective partnerships are often formed and nurtured at the C-Level. CEOs need to set the right tone for a collaborative relationship to flourish. Jusko’s emphasizes the notion of developing mutual benefits for no true partnership can be born out of a one-sided relationship.  Talan’s own CEO, Steve Peplin is cited on this score, noting that one of his company’s guiding principles is to develop relationships which in turn become integral to the success of his customers.  Jusko reminds her readers that effective partnerships require constant care and feeding, much like relationships between people. Partnerships take time and effort, but the rewards of better customer-supplier relationships will include a positive impact on your organization’s bottom line.

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