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August 31st, 2017

Here at Talan, we believe in partnership and collaboration, and one of the ways we practice those values is through Design for Manufacturability (DFM). DFM is the engineering practice of proactively designing products so that they’re efficient to manufacture.

There are many pieces of the DFM puzzle, including: assembly, performance, fabrication, shipping, delivery, high quality, best cost, reliability, safety, customer satisfaction and regulatory compliance. Every piece of the puzzle is equally important. Without one, the picture isn’t complete!

At Talan Products, we put help that puzzle together by focusing on manufacturing. We partner with our customers to guide them to make the best manufacturing choices for their application early in their design process. For example, we help our partners select the best material for their product by looking at things like physical qualities, market value, price stability and availability. Are there features designed in that “look pretty” but have no functional purpose and inadvertently add expense? We reduce costs through our recommendations regarding some of the processes we know best, such as custom metal stamping, progressive die stamping and aluminum stamping.

After we’ve made our recommendations, we jump into action to bring you the best produced, most efficient and most cost effective component parts on the market. We will create for you all kinds of custom metal parts, such as shim washers, thin washers, custom metal stampings and custom aluminum extrusions.

We help our customers make decisions when they count most–at the beginning. Then we carry them out with all the optimized and actualized puzzle pieces of Design for Manufacturability.

We’re glad to be a DFM company. We believe that, together, we can all become stronger! Learn more about Talan and how we use DFM by checking out this video.

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