Peplin Discusses Manufacturing Metal Stampings

November 11th, 2010

Talan Products’ CEO Steve Peplin Discusses Manufacturing Metal Stampings on Cleveland NPR Affiliate

Steve Peplin, CEO of the Cleveland-based metal stamping company, Talan Products, was recently on the NPR / Ideastream radio show, ‘The Sound of Ideas.’  On the show, Steve discussed the current state of manufacturing in Northeast Ohio.

On the show, Steve pointed out that the state of manufacturing in Northeast Ohio  is not as gloomy as some think it is.  In regards to his own metal stamping company, Steve pointed out that many major companies constantly need metal stamping services during assembly of their own products.  Machines at Talan Products produce thousands of stamped products an hour, and these products include everything from paint trays to door latches.

Steve also talked about some of the recent ups-and-downs he and his company have faced during this touch economy.  Regarding 2009, Steve said, “We were down 30% in ‘09.  We had our first layoffs in 24 years — which was pretty traumatic.  But then, 2010 has been fantastic.  The recovery for us started pretty late in ‘09.”

Talan products is a small company that employs only 65 people.  However, a promising sign is that 20 of those employees are new hires.

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