Talan Products at EV World Conference

August 25th, 2022

Outlook. The sage and knowledgeable Daron Gifford, partner with Plante Moran, led off the conference with an insightful and data-packed outlook. He discussed the drivers and influences of the transition to EVs. “All of these things feed into ‘how do we transport ourselves and get from place to place?’ The transition to electric is happening fast, and electric is where all of the investment is going right now. In the future we think mobility is going to change dramatically, and electric is only a piece of the puzzle. What is really going to affect us is autonomous driving,” he projected.

Batteries. The battery and its protection have emerged as a potential source of metal stamping business activity. It’s important for stampers to know what their battery enclosures are protecting. Our Next Energy’s (ONE) Dr. Najah George delved into various lithium battery chemistries, revealing which have become most prevalent. On June 14, ONE announced that the battery manufacturer signed an agreement with BMW to incorporate its Gemini Dual-Chemistry battery technology—with a 600-mile range—into the BMW iX all-electric sports activity vehicle.

SWOTs. One of the event’s highlights was the SWOTs panel. Motor City Stamping Account Manager Ray Davis; PTM President/CEO Donna Kuhr; Talan Products CEO Steve Peplin; and Director, Manufacturing Engineering, Diversified Tooling Group Mike Austin provided their insights and shared their experiences as EV stampings suppliers regarding strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats that the stamping and automotive industries face as a result of the shift from ICE vehicles to EVs.

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